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Summertime ’21 Sound Design Presets and Racks





This summer pack is filled with presets and instrument racks to get you quickly making custom bizarre sounds.  The instrument racks help guide sound design workflows and methods for producing unique textured sounds.  You can read all about my approach to sound design here. It will help in understanding the concepts behind the presets/racks.


The great thing about this pack is that it’s all made with stock ableton device — no clunky plugin to ramp up your cpu.  The idea here is to glean more use out of all that Ableton has available, making processing smoother and expanding your knowledge on those native Ableton devices.


Over 20 Audio Effects Presets

25 Instrument Racks with Macro Mappings

30 Sound Effect Samples

3 Sound Design Templates


I hope this helps you in your journey to make awesome sounds.


Good Vibes <3

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