This is the beginning of a collection of writings titled Ableton Lessons — it’s all about the lessons I’ve learned along the journey towards using this DAW to it’s full potential.

I’ve endeavored to separate the categories between Session, Arrangement and what I’m calling “Under the Hood”–the more technical aspects of how the Ableton software actually works in the background.

About Hunter

I’ve been exploring music creation for about 15 years, mostly with live instruments. For so many years of my musical exploration, I held the attitude that technical aspects of music just “weren’t my thing”. It wasn’t until 2018 when I finished a full-stack web development program at University California Irvine that I began to truly believe in my ability to understand music technology. As it turns out, lots of technical jargon that seems intimidating or complex, actually just tends to be fancy wording. By de-coding technical language, information becomes more easily accessible and readily available. And that is the purpose of this blog . To share about my challenges and discoveries in a way that contributes to the music technology community.

I hope you’ll join me!

To launch my journey and catalyze my commitment to learning Ableton, I recently began a course with Anthony Thogmartin Seed to Stage (Papadosia). I’m taking both his Mixing & Mastering, as well as Composition course — it’s unlocking so many confusions and dissolving old habits and technical roadblocks which I previously couldn’t seem to get past.

I highly recommend finding a mentor for your quest. It has saved me countless hours lost in the sauce!

Thanks for visiting, friend.