Hunter Wiley


This is my blog and portfolio, I hope you enjoy.

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close up of green computer board circuitry

Software Development

Let’s learn together how to make software that improves life and protects the environment.


Photography allows me to capture the emotional suspense in a single moment frozen in time

Music Technology

Join me in my quest to explore music with Ableton Live, Raspberry Pi Midi Synthesizers, Supercollider.js, Web Audio and other wild stuff!

various colored spices in jars on shelf


We are only as great as we are grounded.  I like to use mindfulness and meditation to center myself.  This is a collection of thoughts and techniques.

Outdoor Life

The only separation between the environment and ourselves exists in our mind. These posts are about my favorite outdoor activities.

Writing & Poetry

Empowered through language.  See all my recent writings here.

My Work

I create content at the intersection of art, philosophy and technology with the purpose of improving human and environmental wellness


  • Javascript, React, Node.js
  • Python
  • Magenta.js, Tensorflow.js


  • Photoshop
  • SparkAR

Audio Production

  • Ableton
  • Max for Live